Ramblings of a Sketchbook Journey

The journey is the destination’

– Dan Eldon

After years of studying the technique of portrait artists as a teenager, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and explore the world of sketchbooks

The problematic, and often stressful idea of a ‘finished piece’immediately disappears and the process of drawing is brought to the foreground. 

One can lose themselves for hours.. 

Often until no daylight hours are left…

But finally, the world of your mind appears before your eyes, and you feel a sense of accomplishment, freedom and pride in your creativity. But is the sketchbook ever really finished? To me- no, because it is about the process, the journey and the possibilities that appear when creating.

Challenge yourself to draw an image from within your mind. I find that I think of places where I dream I would feel completely safe, surrounded by nature and perhaps the odd pixie…


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