Arthur Rackham inspired doodles

I am absolutely thrilled I have finally found a way to emulate the stunning style of the genius that was Arthur Rackham. 

I use pencils and ink pens to create the basic shapes and outlines, then use Promarkers over the TOP to create this really cool affect. 

Using the right paper really makes a difference- it’s worth buying special paper that is made to be used with promarkers. The paper is so thin it has the sense of translucency that Rackham loved so much- without the issues of the ink bleeding through the page.


4 thoughts on “Arthur Rackham inspired doodles

  1. These are gorgeous and I so love my own Promarkers and Flex brushes. But I’d have liked to have had more to read about just how you dream up what to do in this style – how you analysed it to know what to do to emulate it!! Really effective results though.


    1. Hi Eleanor! Thank you very much for your message- yes I tend to write my blogs in a rush! I will definitely take heed of your advice and write in more detail- I will edit the post with a detailed description of the process. Also lots more to come in this style! I have been producing several images this week already- it’s very quick I love it!

      Thanks again!

      Kind wishes,



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