Vogue ‘Reinvented’

Magazine literature seems to be getting worse and worse regarding its demoralising attitudes towards women. 

You would think that in our modern society, women would be able to glance across the magazine isle and see respect, encouragement and optimism; rather than the suppressing slogans of demoralisation; ‘how to look sexy’, ‘how to lose weight’, ‘how to look exactly like HER’.

In truth, without even touching on the Photoshop issue, we are all individuals and should be encouraged as such rather than constantly being told ‘YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH’.
This piece was my thought of what magazine covers should aim to be more like. No doubt they would make a huge positive impact on women today by providing a magazine that will not leave women feeling depressed, helpless and self-loathing after the first five pages.
I present to you- Vogue Reinvented.


One thought on “Vogue ‘Reinvented’

  1. Love this piece. And you are so right. I stopped buying magazines a while ago, but occasionally I think, I’ll ‘treat’ myself! Then by the third article in, I’m already angry! I saw a video the other day where they ripped out all the pages of a magazine that were adverts, and they were left with just a few which were actually content based. For the past two years I have had a subscription to Vintage Life Magazine, and one thing I really like about their publication is the variety of body shapes they feature in their magazine.


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